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New Sombrilla

New reverse folding style mobile umbrella

  • Reverse style

    Reverse folding umbrella does not get wet when folding

    Returning from the outside

    When entering the room from the outside, you can avoid getting the room wet

    When getting out of the car

    You can get out of the car comfortably with one-touch open

    When getting in the car

    You can get on smoothly without getting the inside of the car wet

  • Review

    I like the reverse folding design!

    I often travel by car due to my work. Even though it is folded, this umbrellas has a reverse folding design, so when I enter the car, I can put it in without getting the surroundings wet, which is nice. I think it's good idea to keep one in the car

    Jack Henderson


    Sudden rain is no problem

    I tried this umbrella and thought it was a little heavy, but When the weather suddenly collapsed and it became a torrential rain. I took out this umbrella and result was amazing

    Tina M

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